Portland – Fantastic sailing and windsurfing

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May 29, 2015
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May 29, 2015

Portland – Fantastic sailing and windsurfing

Portland harbour’s safe and calm water

Due to the unique layout of Portland and it’s ex naval base with the huge breakwaters shielding the harbour, watersports have long been enjoyed here over the years, windsurfing, sailing, kitesurfing are all popular sports and show no sign of decreasing.

The water on the port side of the beach road is very calm and also fairly shallow, the opposite of chesil beach, this makes it safe for all skill levels. Especially beginners.

Windsurfers have long known about this part of the UK being a fantastic place to enjoy their skills. It eventually led to world championships being held here.

Windsurfing here is now massively popular, and kitesurfing is not far behind.

Maybe our parents were onto something when they let us use inflatables to our hearts content, knowing that it was safe. In the past it was usually locals making the most of this gem we have, we couldn’t keep that a secret forever!

Sailing in 2012 Olympics

Portland was chosen for the sailing of the 2012 Olympic games, Portland’s beauty was shown to millions across the world, it was a fantastic showcase for the area and left a great legacy. The UK team were made up of some that actually grew up here and knew the waters well. Team GB did very well in 2012. We do have a “golden postbox” as all winning places do.  😉

The sailing academy was created after the navy left Portland, utilising it’s benefits of shallow safe waters, they are perfectly situated for all sailors to enjoy, whatever your skill level, whatever your age.

So it made sense for Portland to put itself forward to hosting the sailing aspect of the games. With brand new sailing facilities and the fantastic backdrop that is Portland we knew we had a great chance. The rest as they say is history.

If you have yet to try sailing, there are few places as suitable as Portland to start of your experience. It could become your favourite new pastime. You could be the next Ben Ainsley. 😀

Portland marina

The Portland marina makes a perfect base for those with their own sailing boats, even in bad weather the waters here are never rough enough to cause problems, the marina is well sheltered.

Those who use the sailing academy will find the sailing stays inside the breakwaters which shelter the harbour, this gives inexperienced sailors peace of mind, several have even mentioned to me that without the safe calm waters inside the breakwaters they probably wouldn’t have tried it.

It is only those with lot’s of experience and their own sailing boats that really venture outside the breakwaters into the sea. Seeing Portland from the sea is quite amazing and not many get that opportunity. Not many locals have even seen Portland from out there.

Dorset has two amazing marinas in Poole and Portland.

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