Portland Bill – The new site/blog

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May 27, 2015

Portland Bill – The new site/blog

Welcome to our new website/blog about all things Portland.

“Portland Bill” as Portland seems to be know as by so many, it is used alot more than we realise, so we make no distinction here between the two really, if you know Portland as Portland Bill, great, at least you know of us here.  🙂

The fact Portland is well known should not surprise anyone, with the famous Portland stone being placed in so many well known buildings of the various cities of the world, mainly London and the old naval base having so many people pass through it, the words Portland and Portland Bill would have been said everywhere.

I have experienced this myself while in my masonry days working on Holkem Hall in Wells-next-the-sea in Norfolk. Having sliced my finger open on the scaffolding and going to the local hospital to have it checked out, the nurse said after asking my details, “oh Portland, my brother was in the navy, based there” . . . “small world, well Portland is, literally” I replied. 🙂

By the way, if you are ever in Norfolk, go check that place out, I was privileged to work on that building. Wells-next-the-sea has an amazing changing “sea front”. . . tidal.  😉

We are looking forward to building this Portland Bill site up to be the site we know it can be.

One thing we would like to ask you readers… what would YOU like to see here?

Please do comment to let us know, or send us an email using the contact form on the contact page.

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