Portland is home to some of the best climbs in the UK

Portland – Fantastic sailing and windsurfing
May 29, 2015
Walk, ride or run the famous Coastal Path
May 29, 2015

Portland is home to some of the best climbs in the UK

Portland Cliffs

Some of the best climbing and abseiling experiences can be enjoyed right here on Portland, westcliff has always had climbers flocking to scale it’s sheer face. Though a serious climb they are not overly intimidating in height.

There are lot’s of starter points along the cliffs, and we are sure there is a place here for all experience levels of climbing or abseiling. Or both 😉

Just as with anything in these kind of activities, be respectful of nature and you will enjoy the experience. We hate to see the rescue teams scrambled to the cliffs to save someone who has generally been neglectful of their own safety. There are often climbing parties here on Portland, as many as 30 people a time climbing on the cliffs, making a great day out for themselves.

Safety in numbers.

Should you be a member of any climbing clubs that have not yet been here to Portland, please do. You will enjoy it, and hopefully return another day.

Our only advice is to check with the relevant authority regarding the safety of the area you will climb, recent movement etc. As our parents told us, better to be safe than sorry.

Go forth and abseil, climb. Enjoy the spectacular Portland views.

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