Portland Bill & Beyond...

May 29, 2015

Walk, ride or run the famous Coastal Path

Portland Coastal Path The coastal path around Portland is a fantastic way to see the beauty of Portland itself, with amazing sea views surrounding you it’s […]
May 29, 2015

Portland is home to some of the best climbs in the UK

Portland Cliffs Some of the best climbing and abseiling experiences can be enjoyed right here on Portland, westcliff has always had climbers flocking to scale it’s […]
May 29, 2015

Portland – Fantastic sailing and windsurfing

Portland harbour’s safe and calm water Due to the unique layout of Portland and it’s ex naval base with the huge breakwaters shielding the harbour, watersports […]

Portland Bill by pushbike or a leisurely walk

Is there really any better way to see the Isle of Portland or Portland Bill if you prefer, than by foot or pushbike?

We really don't think there is, unless you are unable to do so.

Taking the coastal path you would have an enjoyable day exploring the Island, the variety of view is pretty amazing, even if we are a little biased. ;-)

Hire a pushbike on Portland right here.

For that great day out for the whole family without the hassle of having to bring pushbikes, and it is great exercise.

Don't forget to ask locals for any hidden gems on your travels.

Hidden gems? Oh yes hidden gems, like the football field at the bottom of a quarry!

Home is where the heart is!